We’re Mafisa, A Creative Agency Focused on Entertainment.

We love CREATING for Artists, Festivals, Music Labels & Humankind.

While we can certainly Design a great brand, build you a killer website, or boost your exposure & sales through Digital Marketing

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O U R   L A T E S T   C L I E N T S

This is why We are the Best  at what we do

We Design exclusively for the Music and Entertainment Industry and We love it!

With an experience of over 12 years designing for Festivals, Top Artists, Club parties and the Biggest Music labels in Greece, we have the work to prove that we know what we are doing.

Music Labels

We can cover a vast range of the content a modern music label should create.


Let's build your online image and make beautiful music Art. Show Yourself Now!


From image creation to promo design. Let's make something memorable!


Stand out from the crowd with fresh Branding. Give your gigs a quality that matches top DJs.

Club Parties

From concept to promo content, we can assist. Let's build something beautiful!

Venue Managers

Transform you Venue online presence into an unforgettable Brand experience.

How We can help take your next project to new heights

Latest Works

Check out what we can do for you and your brand.